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Founding of the joint interest group H2.Fichtelgebirge

News, 17 June 2021

Broad support: Joint interest group H2.Fichtelgebirge is founded

Those responsible for the hydrogen model region Fichtelgebirge want to get up to 100 million euros in investments (initiated by a grant of 20 million euros) into the region. The goal is to be part of the HyPerformer funding program of the German government. This is the highest hydrogen funding level in Germany; currently the Fichtelgebirge is in the HyExpert phase, a kind of preliminary stage of the HyPerformer funding program. The requirements for being accepted into the group of HyPerformers is a convincing concept which shows that the Fichtelgebirge will focus even more on this topic in the future. For this reason, the "Interessengemeinschaft H2.Fichtelgebirge" has been founded this week. It brings together nearly 30 participants from politics, business and science who expressed their concrete interest in the implementation of hydrogen projects in a hybrid founding event.

The Center of Energy Technology (ZET) of the University of Bayreuth is partner of the interest group

The Center of Energy Technology develops a holistic power-to-gas concept in the ZET-Reallabor Energiezukunft Wunsiedel and supports the goals and future expansion of the hydrogen model region Fichtelgebirge. Coordinator for Hydrogen Research and Technologies Matthias Welzl at the founding event on June 15th, 2021: "In particular, we are glad to contribute our scientific expertise to the development of a regional hydrogen concept and to the application to become HyPerformer region. For example, the use of hydrogen for CO2-free engines in transportation offers numerous other opportunities. Here, too, applied research can be integrated to accelerate the introduction of hydrogen mobility in Wunsiedel."

You can find out more about the founding of the H2.Fichtelgebirge interest group in the press release from the region of Wunsiedel i. Fichtelgebirge as a PDF file (German, 0.25 MB).

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